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Need entertainment ideas for your school, community gathering, party or event?
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Now taking bookings for in person & digital performances!

The Triple Fun Show

Our most popular production- The Triple Fun show is a 'choose your own adventure theatre extravaganza!' Its run by two professional performers and its a very interactive event where the audience helps decide what happens by directing the choices. We get the audience active- they get to sing with us, dance with us and act with us, the goal is that they are up and down in their 'seat's' and we bring up several volunteers who get to dress up and be part of the performance throughout. 

*Run time: approximately 45 mins

* Indoor, outdoor & digital performances available!

We also have 6 different performances that can be booked at your school, preschool, daycare, special event etc! Each original half hour-45 minute  musical can double up with a creative workshop (30-45 minutes in length) to get your students involved in performing as well! Contact us for pricing details. 

Witchin' Ain't Easy 

Gretta the witch just can't seem to get her spells right! What will happen when two of Witches School of Magic's finest run into some major monster mayhem? Can Greta help save the day? Or will this little witch be 'cast' away? Book us for this musical adventure of spells, spooks and smarts where topics like bullying and learning to be your own person are explored. 

Don't Wake the Neighbors! 

When little Tommy get's sent to his grandma's house there is only one rule: DON'T OPEN THE BOOK! But when grandma heads out for some groceries Tommy just can't help himself... what happens next will change both of them forever! Exploring topics such as respect and lying this fun-filled musical romp will leave your students thinking about how to deal with seniors. 

A Halloween Scare-ol

Can the local neighbour change their Halloween ways? Visits by ghosts of Halloween past, present and future may help guide the local grouch and teach them to change their ways before its too late! Exploring topics such as kindness and that every action has a repercussion this show includes lots of action and adventure!

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Werewolf 

Did you hear the news? A werewolf is in town! No one is more terrified than Jimmy. When he finds out the wolf is following him he visits the three little pigs looking for help. Can they help Jimmy escape? Or will he end up a wolf's supper? This interesting take on some classic characters explores stanger danger and how looks can be deceiving. 

Dr. D. Kay and the Amazing Paste

The children of Cityville know Dr. D. Kay as the friendly neighborhood dentist, but he has secretly been hatching a plan to make sure no one escapes his chair! Will the help of some magical cavities help him see the error of his ways? This show deals with dental health and how to navigate tough situations. 

monster daycare (2).JPG
Monster Daycare

A local mom who works overnight shifts finds her only option for daycare to be filled with monster children... how do they react when her son goes rogue and bites one of the other kids? This performance explores inclusivity and topics like bullying. 

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