Social Distancing Series 

In an effort to keep everyone moving and grooving during COVID-19 Puddle of Mud Productions launched our social distancing series immediately after we had to discontinue our in person classes. 

Once a week we release a new free 'mini-class' to the public including some of our favourite songs and dances from our most popular classes! As one of our awesome partner facilities said its a great way to #physicallydistance and #sociallyconnect! 

If you enjoy what we are doing in the videos think about how much you would enjoy our online series of classes! All the information can be found here: 

WEEK 12 - dance cardio

Week 11- Yoga Adventure

WEEK 10 - Dance Walk

Week 9- Chalk dance Path

WEEK 8 - mothers day dance 

Week 7- family dance game

WEEK 6 - Dance Story 

Week 5- the stretch Song

WEEK 4- Easter dance party

Week 3- Super Exercise Dance

WEEK 2- Bug Dance

Week 1- St. Patrick's day dance