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Puddle of Mud has a number of class offerings perfect for daycares/preschools looking to enrich their programming with performance arts/dance/yoga training through imagination and storytelling.  We want to help you get your students moving, grooving, expressing and creating together! Puddle of Mud Productions also brings entertainment to daycares/preschools throughout Alberta. Pick one of our shows or book the Triple Fun Show experience!

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Community Programming

We offer a wide variety of performance art programming for any venue, class size, or age! If you are thinking of expanding your community centre's class offerings we would be happy to help! Whether you want a fitness based boot camp class for adults or a child's first dance class we are ready to bring fun first programming to your community. We have experience working with community centres to find a class and schedule that's right for them. Our talented and enthusiastic instructors will make sure that every participant leaves happy and eager for more! 

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