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Frequently Asked Questions

From classes in Edmonton and Calgary, Birthday Party Bookings, or attending a Show, we know there's a lot to choose from here at Puddle of Mud Productions! Take a peek below and contact us if your question still hasn't been answered!

Puddle of Mud specializes in "Creativity with a SPLASH!" Join us for some fun first, hassle free instruction and entertainment that will surprise and delight. Become a Puddle Jumper today!


What if my child does not meet the age requirement for a class?

Puddle of Mud's policy on children who do not meet the age requirements of a class is as follows: If the program coordinator is in agreement and if there is room in the class they can register with the following disclaimer:   'The student MUST be able to attend class by themselves (walk into the room and participate in class with no parent present) and be fully potty trained. Please note that we run all of our classes with the doors closed for safety reasons. If after the first couple of classes the instructor does not think the class is a good fit we may have to re-evaluate registration at that time, and/or find a class more suitable for the student.' 

What should my child wear?

We do not have a specific dress code for any of our classes. Students of Puddle of Mud classes can attend class dressed however they wish as long as it is something they can move easily in. We do not allow students to dance in socked feet or with only tights on due to slipping hazards but indoor shoes/slippers or bare feet are acceptable. For some programs- like dance explosion- the instructor may make a request a week before to bring runners if they are doing tap etc. but you will never be asked to purchase something specifically for our classes with the exception of tap shoes for a full session of a tap program. 

Why aren't I allowed to be in the room during class? 

Other than our family programs, all POM classes are unparented. This is so that we can have your child's full attention for the duration of their class. Unfortunately the more distractions in the room, or peaking in the window etc. the less likely we are to be able to give your child the class experience they deserve. But not to fear! All of our classes have a sharing time for either a portion or the full duration of their final class so you can see what they have been working on! 

What if my child doesn't like it? 

We know how often children change their minds and interests at this age. Although our goal is for everyone to have a ton of fun and love every Puddle of Mud class we offer, we know that not every child is going to like everything they try. That's why we offer short sessions! Most of our classes run in 6-12 week sessions with several options throughout the year. This gives your child the ability to try something new for a short period without a long term (and large financial commitment).

My child has already taken your (ballet, triple fun, dance explosion etc.) class. Is it going to be the same if we register again?

No! All of our classes have specially curated lesson plans that run throughout the year. There will never be a class that is exactly the same within the time frame of your child attending. You may recognize some of the moves from previous sessions, (you will always kick a ball in soccer, or do cartwheels in gymnastics after all) but the methods of learning, the choreography, the music used, and the themes included will be different every session! 

Why don't you offer ______ in my community?

We would love to! Puddle of Mud Productions chooses our programming with the help of our community contacts! Mostly through requests from the community! We would love to hear from you about what sorts of classes you are interested in and try to add them to our current rosters.

Do you do special events? Birthday Parties? Flashmobs? Shows?

Yes! We offer a variety of options for all of the above requests and much more. We have an amazing roster of performers and instructors and we are always happy to work with clients to create the perfect entertainment for any event. 

Contact Us for a full program guide of classes and camps, show or special event bookings, or information on Daycare Visits!

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