Online classes- Until May 24th

As of May 10th all children's classes may not occur indoors or outdoors. Some of our programs have moved online, some have been postponed and some have been cancelled (see details below). If your class has been cancelled but you would still like to dance online with us CLICK HERE and we can have you join us! 


Moving OUtdoors- April 29th

As of April 30th, 2021 all indoor children's programs must be moved outdoors. Please watch the below video for all the information on our transition outdoors and CONTACT US if you have any questions. 

Relaunching indoor programs

Below you will find some information regarding our upcoming return to INDOOR CLASSES. Indoor classes will follow AHS guidelines of both distance and size and all rooms and equipment used will be sanitized frequently. 

Puddle of Mud Productions is committed to a safe return to classes and has been working with all of our facilities to make sure policies and procedures are in place to keep everyone as safe as possible! 

Not quite ready to return to public INDOOR CLASSES? Check out our other options: 


Information for students

We recognize that lot's of rules can be very overwhelming for little ones! That's why we are making our move back into indoor class as easy as jumping in a puddle with our 'safety splash!'

We will be reviewing this with all of our students as we return inside and making sure they understand how important it is to follow what the teach says. 

The good news is they don't need to remember much, just use  their 'listening ears'

Info for PARENTS

We are following all current AHS guidelines in regards to indoor fitness programming. You can find the current guidelines HERE 

Here are some important things to note: 

-In most facilities* students are NOT required to wear a mask during programs, but are required to while entering and exiting the building. 

-All students will be kept physically distanced from each other during classes unless they are siblings

-No parents will be allowed in the rooms during class. Show and tell day procedures vary from facility to facility. 

-All props used will be sanitized every class or 'assigned' to a specific student for the entire session. 

*Some facilities have 'mask on' policies for students during classes. Check with your facility or send us a message to check on your location.

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