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Online Program REgistration

Below you will find all the information on registration for our online spring session of classes. Here is how the programs will work: 

1-You will need to download a program to a phone, tablet or computer that has a camera available. 

2-Each week you will receive a link to a new pre-recorded lesson plan posted on the program. 

3-You can do lesson plan just once or as many times as you like! You will have access to it forever. If you have any questions or comments about the lesson plan you can send them our way via the program or email and someone from Puddle of Mud will get back to you. 

The first set of classes will be available April 1st, but you can register anytime!


If you want to skip the eventbrite fees from the registration links below shoot us a message and you can pay via etransfer. 


NEW OPTION: You can now purchase a single class as well as the full session!

Pricing: $10 +GST for single class

$5 +GST for a single class add-on if you are already registered in the full session


Ballet- Ages 3-4

Focusing on storytelling, imagination and play this class teaches ballet basics with an emphasis on fun and creativity.


Class run time: 1/2 hour

Fees: $55 for 6 classes 

Young Ballet Dancer

Hip Hop - Ages 4-6 & 7-10

Learn the coolest moves of today and how to showcase your own unique style! The basics of several forms of urban dance will be introduced and participants will learn a short routine week by week. 

Class run time: 45 minutes

Feed: $60 for 6 classes

                               Ages 4-6: 


                             Ages 7-10:


Dance Explosion Ages 4-6

An explosion of dance styles! Each week we will look at a new style of dance including ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap, creative movement and more!


Class run time: 45 minutes

Fees: $60 for 6 classes 

Redhead Girl

TRiple fun - ages 3-5

Sing, dance, act and play will us! We will learn simple songs and dances, and use stories to create mini-musical plays with a different theme every class. 

Class run time: 45 minutes

Feed: $60 for 6 classes


kid superhero costume

Dance and Play- Any age!

Dancing and discovery with your little one! This is a parented class for toddlers and a caregiver but you can also do it with your whole family. We sing, dance, play and use games and activities to explore creativity and imagination. 


Class run time: 30 minutes

Fees: $55 for 6 classes 

Dancing on the Grass
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